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I am James Lester, a Northern boy. Originally from Leeds and here I have remained since 1987. I feel like I'm getting to know the place a little now. My dad who's a Roofer at Leeds Reliable Roofers got me into this photography lark being a bit of a photographer himself but I've gone off on my own tangent and produced the 'Discover Hidden Leeds' project.

I shoot a lot of abandoned buildings, derelict scenes and create unusual portraits. By day I'm a photo lab manager and soon-to-be photography degree student and by night I'm an urban explorer. My work is primarily surreal, unusual and sometimes a little disturbing. I like it this way.



Latest News

I'll be exhibiting at the Articulate magazine do at 30 Hartley Ave, Leeds LS6 2LD. I managed to obtain this venue as my Mum works there as a cleaner for the Best Leeds Cleaning Company there is, or so she tells me! It's only one night only on Thursday June 10th. Come along!

Just had a fantastic photoshoot with Leeds wedding photographer Barnaby Aldrick. Got some great urbex photos and managed to get a portrait of him sneaked into the shoot as well. He's also a driver for Limo Leeds which enables him to find out when weddings are being held so that he can offer his photographic services as well.

I'll be exhibiting at the Leeds Met Selling weekend at the end of June. Having not been accepted for the '09 Leeds Art Fair this'll be the sales opportunity to fund more set construction that I so desparately need.

I have just been given an unconditional place at the Leeds College of Art & Design on their BA (Hons) Photography Degree. I'll be winging my way over there in September to use their amazing Elinchrom set up.


Will work for dosh

If you have enjoyed viewing my work and feel you'd like to either hire me for my services or perhaps purchase some of my artwork then please use this form to say 'hello':

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